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Reviews by A-1 Customers

Here are some reviews by our Customers




We Always Call Nick at A-1 Tree Service

Posted by kstackhouse on 03/19/2010

Nick and his crew have done work for us many times since 1999 and we have always been pleased with their work. They’ve done small jobs and a large job (removing a dead and beetle-infested 100-foot Monterey pine in a tight area). Nick is an expert and knows when, where, and how much to cut and is willing to offer advice and suggestions. Don’t be surprised if he recommends that you wait and call him later if he believes the time is not right for your type of tree. Nick brings his own chipper and haul truck so the debris is hauled away the same day. His crew is courteous, careful, and they cleanup thoroughly. The same workers that took down our pine three years ago were the same that came over this year. This time we called him to trim a new Crepe Myrtle, a new Maple, and our old out-of-control orange tree and made sure that Nick would be the one supervising when they were cut. He obliged, so we didn’t worry. They also did some additional tree topping and shaping for a very reasonable price.

A-1 Tree Service

Posted by adballantyne on 03/16/2010

I've lived in Willow Glen at the same address for many years. I've always used A-1 Tree Service and Nick as my agent with the company. I could not be more satisfied with his work and that of his team. He does exactly what I want and at the most reasonable price. I always feel that I have gotten more for my money than I have paid. Nick and his team have planted trees, removed trees and trimmed trees. Nick has always gone out of his way to advise me as to the care and health of the type of tree he is trimming or planting. As long as Nick is in charge, I will always us A-1 Tree Service. Sincerely, Andrew Ballantyne

I have been using A-1 for the past 8-10 yrs

Posted by mmpitts10 on 03/14/2010

I have been using A-1 for the past 8-10 yrs because they are prompt, efficient, do exactly what I ask and are consistently less expensive than their competitors. Not only do they do exactly what I ask but on several occasions they have gone the extra mile at no charge; ie, did some pruning of an adjacent tree so they would match, replaced two supports for a sapling that was leaning badly from recent storms, suggested reasonably priced vendors for plants and landscaping materials. I have recommended them to several friends and they too have been very pleased with A-1. MP

Long time customer

Posted by user1name on 03/04/2010

I have been using A-1 tree service for over ten years. I have always found them to be very dependable and professional. They have always been on time and done exactly what they promised at the quoted price and in a very timely manner. A-1 has always beat everyone elses price and I am more than satisfied with the job they do. I will continue to use A-1 for all my Tree trimming and maintenance.


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