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Tree Facts

Tree Facts

Here are some Tree facts tips and information with links to even more information.

Trees are the longest living organisms on earth and one of this planets greatest natural resources. They produce oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) a major green-house gas, thus keeping our air supply fresh and fighting global climate change. If every American family planted one tree it would reduce CO2 by more than 1 billion pounds a year.

Not all trees need to be trimmed or pruned every year however most fruit trees benifit from proper pruning yearly.  Safety is one of the main reason to have your trees evaluated at least yearly.  A properly trimmed tree is a lot less likely to lose a limb in a storm and cause property damage or injury to you, your family or a neighbor.

You might also want a tree trimmed to enhance the beauty of your landscape or improve your view.  Always get an opinion from a tree service professional before performing any pruning especially topping which could permanent damage your tree.

Another reason to consider trimming a tree is for tree health.  This kind of tree trimming mainly involves removing dead wood from the tree. This will also minimize carpenter ants which live in the dead branches trees.  It is important to trim crossing branches and diseased or broken limbs. This might include removal of limbs that are rubbing against each other causing wounds. Limbs such as these are of concern because they may lead to infection.  Only a certified arborist can help you prevent these kinds of problems and ensure proper trimming.

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“The best friend on earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources of the earth.”
— Frank Lloyd Wright